Linda's fishing story...

  • linebb956 16 years ago
    Were down to South Padre... Hubby is packin gear, I'm sippin Margaritas.... He goes out the door to the condo... I follow... AS FAR AS THE POOL AND HOT TUB! He fishes I sip. Works great. I do like fishing but I enjoy this too!
  • littleredridinghood 16 years ago said:
    They go well with fishing! Have to catch something ya know..even if it's a buzz.
  • linebb956 16 years ago said:
    Wooo hoo... someone with a since of HUMOR! I do like fishing... we do a lot of surf fishing, that way they are'nt biting... you can go swimming!
  • zena824 16 years ago said:
    I love to fish too.....its serious business here in the south.....I think its great to go camping and to cook what you catch.... nothing like sittin out by the bonfire...

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