Saturday, October 29th

  • ravenseyes 11 years ago
    Good morning everyone well I don't know about you but today is a nice brisk and cool almost cold morning defeniately time for long pants no shorts today - but that is ok I am ready for some cooler weather not sure about just straight to cold but a little cooler is nice....
    Jim and I are going to go to an Octoberfest later on today - should be fun its on the base and its just a free for all fun time......
    So in keeping with an Octoberfest theme the breakfast table is open with pork and turkey sausages and bacon, eggs, homemade pan fries, stacks of thick german pancakes and a warm maple syrup - homemade bread for toasting and various kinds of coffees from the very dark brew to a light and decaf - tea and of course icy cold orange juice - and I see that Ana has some of those sticky cinnamon buns left - yummy enjoy come sit tell us about your week and what is on your schedule for the weekend!!! be safe - hugs and prayers all around
  • gourmetana 11 years ago said:
    Hello my dear Verna and all checking in later.
    Thank you for opening! We're still in September though :) You were thinking about Oktoberfest when you wrote the date!
    Thank you for a delicious breakfast. Have fun with Jim!
    I went to the opera yesterday, Madama Butterfly - Puccini. It was amazing.
    Tonight I'll have a birthday party. Will have an extra espresso coffee to handle the night ;)
    Verna, would you like to try skype tomorrow? Let me know ;)

  • ravenseyes 11 years ago said:
    LOL I was doing my work for next week just before I did the opening LOL and I was writing October - probably a dozen or more times so when I came and did the opening I wrote October LOL thats too funny see how the mind works....Im not sure if I will be home tomorrow Ana - I have a couple things I have to get done - perhaps we could try for next Sunday?
    Have fun at the birthday party!!!

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