Just Trying

  • ronnymarcus 11 years ago
    RE: just to try
    OK ! Now that I've succeeded , here is alist of things that have been happenning to me on this site. If I'm not the only one, then let's call Kris.

    Who has experienced:
    1. I submit topics and they don't appear
    2. I left-click and nothing happens.
    3. I get disconnected in the middle of writing.
    4. I keep getting the, "This page cannot be displayed", message
    5. The screen disappears

    I hope I haven't forgotten anything.

    OK! Who else? What else?
  • justjakesmom 11 years ago said:
    I got the "page cannot be displayed" soooooo many times this last weekend that I gave up even trying to get on!
    I wrote a lengthy comment and hit submit and it swirled for about 10minutes I swear, then said it was posted but NOTHING!
    Then I started posting again and right in the middle of typing, it blipped all my words off in front of me. BLANK
    Couldn't get on recipe pages
    Couldn't get my food page
    Couldn't click on anyone else's food pages either.

    I think it's better now. ???
  • cherylannxo 11 years ago said:
    There have been times that I couldn't get in, or it would take an eternity to change the page!!!
  • minitindel 11 years ago said:
    still having a few problems yet

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