There's always someone complaining...

  • lor 14 years ago
    I can't believe my eyes. Now a certain someone (sparrow) is complaining about duplicate groups. Does it really matter? The group she is attacking pertains to "chicken." One group is monitored by the originator, the other group the person left it high and dry and I opened this one. I would sincerely hope that people would have better things to do with their time. Oh well, time to get a life I suppose.
  • sparow64 14 years ago said:
    I apologize if you were offended. It would have been nice if you had sent me a private message. Actually, if you had read my post thoroughly, you would have seen that I insisted more than once that I was in no way complaining. It was most certainly NOT my intention to attack anyone. Rather than listing ALL the groups that have duplicates, I simply mentioned the 2 that came to mind first as examples. There was no other reason for listing them as examples than that they came to mind first. I DO have a very full, very active life, as do many others here, which is why I made a simple suggestion of streamlining the groups - to save time. I'm very sorry that you were offended, that was not my intention.

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