Welcome Everyone!!!

  • lor 14 years ago
    Welcome to the group and if there are any questions or comments regarding chicken recipes, please feel free to post.
  • tnacndn 14 years ago said:
    I love chicken, we have chicken more than any other meal. LOL
  • pleclare 14 years ago said:
    This is a great idea Lor. Thank you!!!
  • wynnebaer 14 years ago said:
    We eat chicken more than anything too...There is so much you can do with it that you could have it every night of the week, a different way....:)
  • coffeebean53 14 years ago said:
    Cluck cluck Count me in the henhouse. LOL :)
  • berry 14 years ago said:
    Thanks for create this group Lor..
  • lor 14 years ago said:
    I am so glad you like the group. My family and I eat mostly chicken as well and as coffeebean53 said; "Cluck cluck count me in the henhouse." too cute ;-) I believe it is important to have a group where we can ask questions about certain "chicken" related recipes and hopefully receive an answer from one of us. I remember when I was first married, it was mostly cookbooks, newspaper and magazine recipes, recipes from my mother and trial and error. There was a lot of trial and error LOL Oh, I almost forgot the television cooks, Julia Child, Graham Kerr and Yan Can Cook but then the program was called Wak With Yan ;-) It's amazing with all the professional Chefs on television now but sometimes we need to ask questions and hopefully have them answered. This is why I set up the group. I hope everyone enjoys it.
    Here's to good health and happy eating!!!

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