An Invitation!

  • adivagurl 13 years ago
    Hi! I write both a comfort food and baking column on I am changing, as of 2010 to Healthy Comfort Food recipes. If any of you have "made over" any of your fav comfort food or baking recipes to make them healthy,I would love to highlight them in my column, giving credit to you by naming the recipe after you; such as Suzie's Sugar Free Apple Pie! I can also use original photos of the recipe, method and/or ingredients and will put the name of the photographer along with it. You will have a "brag" piece to send to all your friends and family, showing that you are in the online newspaper! My Comfort Food Column is at

    I also have a new group here called Comfort Food Made Healthy and hope you all join and help me learn about cooking from different cultures. I would like to invite you all to join my group and each give me a recipe that you would like me to makeover for my column!

    Please read my profile and get to know me and tell me all about you. I feel like I've lived in a "tunnel" for the last few years, because of grief and tragedy. Through Examiner and hopefully helping people learn to cook healthier, I will learn to live again, breathe again.

    I'm on Facebook as Linda Brewer Nashville Comfort Food Examiner. Myspace as Comfortfoodnashville and Twitter as comfortfoodnash. But I have readers from as far as Italy and Romania. Please get in touch...I need friends on here!

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