how long to cook beans

  • lipsantos 14 years ago
    Does anyone have information about how long to cook dried beans? I know the time is different if the beans are soaked, or not and also if they are cooked in a pressure pan or a regular pot. Also, the time differs for various types of beans. Right now I'm cooking split peas. Can anyone help?
  • pointsevenout 14 years ago said:
    Did a lot of research before I cooked up my first recipe on beans. The general consensus in recipes seem to be 2 to 3 hours or 6 to 8 hours depending on the cooking style and as you have mentioned, the size of the bean and cooking utensil.
    I settled on a process for northern beans (white beans, navy beans) of a 30 minute boil time (parboil) to start the bean swell process and a soak for 8 hours. Water change after boil and every 2 hours of soak time to, as some have put it, throw out the fart water.
    It seems to have some legitimacy as I have eaten the lions share of a pot of 2 pounds dry beans cooked up and am not blowing off as much as I should be. Pardon the grammer.
    And then after the soak time I did a simmer in a crock pot on HIGH for 8 hours.
    That's a 16 hour process time. The beans came out firm but not crunchy and crushed well in the mouth when masticated.

    This is a very large and interdependent subject. I don't know beans about beans but my recipe turned out well. Hopefully others will have more insight on the subject.

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