Cream Cheese

  • browneyegirl 10 years ago
    What I would like to know.Let's say that I want to freeze cream cheese.Could you freeze the cream cheese as long I am over stock and can't get it used quit yet?Even though that I have none at this very moment.In case some one that I know wants me to make them some thing with cream cheese before I could even make anything with the ones that I have.If and as long I could freeze cream cheese.How long is it good for in the freezer?
  • lovebreezy 10 years ago said:
    As with any cheese, the consistency changes when it has been frozen. It doesn't matter depending on what you intend on using it for. If you are using it straight, you may not like how it has separated but if you are using it in a recipe, just sort-of re-whip it with beaters or a fork. It won't be the same as fresh but I think it cooks the same. I have frozen cream cheese and other kinds of cheese many times with good results.
    As a side note, if you are using a cheese such as cheddar, it will be crumbly when defrosted. So it's not that great for say sandwiches but works just fine in place of grated cheese in a casserole or the like.
    Maybe someone with more of a science knowledge could give a better answer than I. Just telling you my experience with frozen cheeses.
  • browneyegirl 10 years ago said:
    Thank you for letting me know.That helps.All I wanted is to have a better ideal in case if it leads to that.

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