So what do we all make for Thanksgiving?

  • skystone 16 years ago
    Surely we all include ethnic foods with Thanksgiving dinner, or not?
    We need to get our holiday recipes out there!
  • dupota 16 years ago said:
    When my grandmother was alive, relatives in Poland would send her dried mushrooms. She would save them for Thanksgiving and Christmas eve. She soaked them for a day or two, changing the water periodically. Then she would chop them with a chopper that had 3 blades so that they were finely chopped. She sauted them with Mazzola oil (the only kind she used) and finely chopped onion. This would make a kind of au ju (sp?) gravy. I could not replicate the flavor, not having the Polish mushrooms, but I added a tablespoon of honey and it came very close. I like this better than a flour based gravy.

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