What to do with canned turkey?

  • ksfoodjunkie 13 years ago
    I have 4 cans of chunk turkey meat that need to be used they are about 1 1/2 # cans. I've been using them in hamburger helper but that is getting really old. Any ideas? My son likes bland food I think the more spice the better.
  • peetabear 13 years ago said:
    your could add it to a green salad... or make a turkey salad ( like chicken salad)

    add it to spag. sauce.... creamed turkey on toast or biscuits..
    add it to a stir fry
    make a turkey tortilla
    add it to chicken broth and make a quick soup

  • notyourmomma 13 years ago said:
    I'd make a soup, like Peeta suggested.
    Chop and saute one onion, a bit of garlic, some celery, add a quart of chicken broth, a handful of egg noodles, some chopped frozen spinach, the canned turkey, a bit of sage or thyme, a few grinds of pepper and the juice of a lemon. Yum, soup.

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