• dancegypsy67 13 years ago
    Halloween was never a big deal in my family. I never felt like I had much of an imagination when it came to creating a costume and trick-or-treating was more about getting to see all the neighbors while walking with friends than it was about the candy. Then I started a job a couple of years ago, and they had a tradition of having a treat day with the best Halloween treat winning a prize. I'm seriously going to have to make this dish so that I can take a picture - the ingredients sound and taste great together. It looks however, utterly disgusting. People who were finicky eaters weren't happy I won, and even I laughed as I finished off the leftovers, thinking how "wrong" the dish was.

    While I keep you on the edge of your seat wondering how wonderfully, Halloweeny, bad this could be, share your reasons Halloween is a favorite season.
  • krumkake 13 years ago said:
    Glad to join, Dancegypsy - I love Halloween...I was never very creative either, but as we moved around so much the first 26 yrs of marriage, I got to see a lot a different ideas (and recipes!) wherever we lived. My girls LOVED the holiday (what kid doesn't?!?). You have challanged me to try to think back and find that "favorite memory". I will dig out my Halloween cookbooks and share some of the treats we have made over the years - it IS a very fun day...glad you thought to start the group!! Oh, and be sure to send out messages to all your cooking buddies to get the word out about your new group!! I will be starting a Tailgate group in the next week or so, so that's how I plan to get the word out about it. I think in the Suggestions group, that's how they said you should deal with getting people to know you've started a new group. So many are added here, it's hard to keep track of them all!!!
  • elle 13 years ago said:
    Oh, I adore Halloween and the entire season of autumn. I can already see some leaves starting to change here in New England. Crazy, isn't it? Usually don't see that till August, but it's been a cool summer.

    Anyway, thanks for starting this group. Can't wait to see all of the good ideas!

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