Search is Super Wonky

  • eyecook 5 years ago
    I've been with Group Recipes for a long time and it's the first site I turn to when looking up recipes. BUT.....................
    The search is super wonky.
    This possibly has to do with the programming (for example only certain ingredients will be highlighted within a recipe - others will not)
    This makes it impossible to find some recipes.
    The inability to actually contact someone at GroupRecipes to talk about this and hopefully fix it makes it annoying to say the least.
    If you are an admin of some type and you'd like to see what I mean type in "Hemp Pesto" - you will see ZERO recipes.
    Type in Hemp Seeds - also a big fat zero. That's just one example.
    I want to continue using GroupRecipes - but honestly - sometimes it's just a huge hassle to find what I need.
  • eyecook 4 years ago said:
    hmmmm.... you'd think they'd at least have an admin....

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