Canning Peaches

  • pointsevenout 14 years ago
    Got my first experience canning peaches yesterday. The destructions I was going by said to leave 1/2" headspace and have juice covering peaches.

    I think maybe my 1/2" was too close to the lid. The water bath canner water turned color. Think some of the fluid leaked out because of expansion. All jars sealed up ok but had a sticky residue on the screw threads and lids.

    I'll make stuff with this batch at home in short order instead of trying to sell any, just in case my technique is not up to snuff and before any bacteria tries to get a foothold.
  • thepiggs 14 years ago said:
    Hi there. According to my Ball "Compete" book, 1/2" is correct. Sorry to hear about the incident. I think I would also use those jars quickly.
    The county extension office here has food experts. Maybe your area will too. If so, call them and ask about your experience. You can always keep them in the fridge...if you don't have too many.
    A co-worker told me she loves here canned peaches, the light syrup recipe from the Ball book.
    I will probably stick with a few jars of applesauce this year.

  • pointsevenout 14 years ago said:
    Made 4 quarts. One big mouth jar and the other three regular mouth. One thing in common was the reused screw lids for the regular mouthed jars. The screw lids had to be forced off of the last batch of string beans with a hinged type jar lid amplifier opener. It left wrinkled impressions on the side of the screw lids. I'm thinking the screw lids were damaged enough they would not supply even pressure all the way around on the top of the seal lid.

    Only the regular mouthed jars were sticky. The wide mouth jar was fine.

    I'll rotate out the older screw lids to new ones. Sure hate to give mother lessons on using screw lids properly. Don't think she would take it well at all.

    First quart jar went to a peach cobbler which was very delicious. I've some more recipes lined up.

    Thanks for the confirmation of the headspace piggy.

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