Szechwan Beef Stir Fry

  • Cosmicmother 2 years ago
    ~Made for February 2019's "Asian cuisine" recipe challenge~

    Szechwan Beef Stir Fry by Shandy

    I've made this a few times now but haven't added it to IMI until now! I finally took a picture of it. Every time I've made it in the past I've been too hungry and wolfed all it down before getting a picture. ;)
    This is a super delicious recipe, more to do with the sauce then anything! It's versatile, where you could use any meat or veggies you want. I think pork, chicken or shrimp would be great in this, or even mushrooms or tofu if you want it vegetarian. And if you can't eat rice, think of serving this over shredded Napa cabbage, mung bean noodles or bean sprouts.
    I had every intention of using the baby corn tonight. I had a frozen bag of mixed Asian veg. (snow peas, baby corn, edamame, green beans) So instead of buying a can of baby corn I thought I would just use the corn from the bag. After searching the bag there wasn't a single piece of corn in there, and they jipped me on the green beans too! Lol....that's never happened to me before after buying this same brand quite a few times. So, I just used a yellow pepper (as I've made it that way before) and a few of the snow peas form the bag.
    I used just a little sprinkle of red pepper flakes and added some black pepper. I recommend having a little bit of extra water on hand as the sauce might thicken up too quickly as your cooking it.
    This is so good, better than any take out!! And easy too... prep everything the night before and you have yourself a quick, delicious, weeknight meal the following day!! :)
  • mommyluvs2cook 2 years ago said:
    I'm can't believe you got jipped on the baby corn and green beans Shona!! It looks great regardless, and beautiful, colorful picture :)
  • LindaLMT 2 years ago said:
    Wow, great picture and great dish Shona. My goodness on the bag of veggies not having all the veggies in it. The sauce does look good!
  • Cosmicmother 2 years ago said:
    Thanks Michelle and Linda! :)
  • DIZ3 2 years ago said:
    Very nice photo, Cosmicmother! The recipe looks very good and the sauce looks flavorful. I like hoisin sauce. Great idea to serve over cabbage! Too bad you were jipped on the baby corn. I've never liked baby corn. I'd probably leave it out and use broccoli. This looks like a wonderful recipe that would work with a lot of different things.

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