Maple & Cranberry Oatmeal With Toasted Almonds

  • DetroitTokyo 8 years ago
    Maple Cranberry Oatmeal With Toasted Almonds By: Gkwillow
    This was delicious! I doubled the recipe and did not toast my almonds b/c I was kind of lazy so used sliced raw almonds, just sprinkled over top. It took about 10 minutes to cook and the liquid to absorb. Will make again!
  • gkwillow 8 years ago said:
    Thank you so much for trying this, DT. And that's a beautiful pic. I hope next time you have a chance to toast the almonds cuz it brings out better flavor! At least, I think so. ;) And I like the look of the sliced almonds with the skins that you used.
  • mrpiggy 8 years ago said:
    DT that looks incredible. Who woulda thought that oatmeal could look like that. That almost looks like a dessert.

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