Loving mushrooms

  • pointsevenout 15 years ago
    Think this group will do well. I'm currently looking for a mushroom risotto to add to this groups recipes. This site has several of the recipes but not the one I made that was OH so good.
  • pointsevenout 15 years ago said:
    I had no idea that mushrooms are such a difficult subject. Have been cruising cyberspace this morning trying to "spore-up" on my "'shroom" knowledge. Identifying mushrooms in the wild can be very difficult indeed. Poisenous, non-poisenous, ones that will make you ill for 24 hours but not kill you, unidentified mushrooms, all lurking out there in the wild. Makes me wonder who did all the testing to find out which mushrooms could be domesticated. And who were the brave souls that are taking the dirt nap from injesting a lethal 'shroom.
    For the time being, think I'll do all my 'shroom picking at the market.
  • invisiblechef 15 years ago said:
    It takes only a short time to get to know a certain variety of mushroom, in my case Chanterelles, there is no way I could mistake any other mushroom for one. I know the feel of them, their texture, where they tend to grow, and the way they smell. Maybe start with one variety at a time. The kind you get at the market are never as nice as the ones you can get yourselves, plus if you get good enough you can make quite a bit of money per season.

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