• elaina253 16 years ago
    Clairette de Die Jaillance Cuvée Impériale Tradition is a french sparkling wine - a fine aperitif, it goes equally well with ice cream or chocolate desserts!

    For the past 15 years you could only drink this is France! Now I FOUND it at Top Foods for $15!

    What a steal! This wine is SO delectable!
  • elaina253 16 years ago said:
    Has anyone tried this wine?
    It's just a simple table wine from Sutter Home but it's a HUGE hit at parties to where guests always ask where we found it and how we get it! and it's available at your local Safeway LOL!
    Even for the ones who DON'T drink wine they LOVED this brand!
  • elaina253 16 years ago said:,,FINE_26036_58701,00.html

    I took this survey and ummm... did not-so-good LOL! :)
  • parrothead87 16 years ago said:
    Wow! I got an 8/10 on that quiz.

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