substituting cheese in dishes

  • szq 15 years ago
    I learned this trick when I was desperate to feed my picky toddlers. In casseroles or sauces I substitute half of the cheese with pureed squash. For an example, if you have a recipe that calls for 1 cup shredded cheese, subtitute 1/2 cup of that with squash puree. The squash is better for you and yet it gives a creaminess without altering the taste. It is also cheaper than buying all that cheese.
  • elsepeth27 15 years ago said:
    What kind of squash? We have lots of different kinds where I'm from. I'm guessing just regular yellow summer squash?
  • debntim 12 years ago said:
    what a great tip, especially in the summer when squash is so readily available. THANKS!

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