Monday, November 30th

  • LindaLMT 3 years ago
    Good Morning Everyone.
    It's clouding up here, at the moment warm (83f), and thundering. The cold front is pushing thru Kimmer. I'll be putting out a big 'Welcome' sign for the cold weather. LOL! and pulling out my socks.

    Plans today are either Costco shopping to start to fill up the freezer and I need toner for the printer or I'll just run to Staples and get toner there. It's the same price at Costco and Staples. If it's thundering I just may wait till Wednesday to do Costco so I don't get stuck out if/when it rains.

    No clue about dinner just yet. I had a baked potato topped with chili last night and a salad. DH had a ham steak, baked potato, peas, and a salad.

    Janet I am so relieved and happy to hear your mom is on her way to returning home!! I know how intense and nerve-wracking hospitals, doctors, and nurses can be. Especially when you get varying reports and diagnoses. She is one 'tough' gal and I'm happy she is doing better.
    Ut-Oh on a tree being on the hydro lines. I agree with Joce. It'd be wise to call it in at the least to check for unknown damage to the lines.
    Glad you are able to get everything up and running. And nice to hear humanity has been kind.

    Sorry to hear your sleep patterns have been weird Joce. I hope though as weird as the patterns are you are sleeping.

    Awww, love that Chloe loves her new action packed toys Kimmer. I bet she's a 'hoot' to watch playing with one. Glad you found a tasty way to use your left over mashed potatoes. Does your family like Sheppard or pot pies ... you could top either with mashed potatoes.

    Glad church attendance was good Karen. Understandable though that some people just don't want to be out. Cats are funny. Wonder what makes AC want in and out and in again.

    I'm up for creating a private group. If anyone else is interested in joining they have the ability to request to be included. If not it keeps the spam off the page.
  • LindaLMT 3 years ago said:
    Too sweet! Rocket brought the kids out with her last night (all 4) when she picked up her sandwich. The babies got big but are still cute because they have that young innocent look still in their eyes. I feel bad though that they all have to share one sandwich but ... don't want them all relying on me to feed them.
  • LindaLMT 3 years ago said:
    OK ... It's storming raining so I guess I'm not going anywhere and will make the Minestrone soup I've been wanting to make. I know what I'll be having for dinner, will need to think of something for DH.
  • LindaLMT 3 years ago said:
    Classic Italian Minestrone Soup
    It came out great! As the recipe is it would be too 'tomatoey' for me for I used half the amount of both the tomato paste and diced tomato called for. For the 2 cups of vegetables I used a 140z bag of frozen veggies that were ideal. The bag was Italian green beans, cauliflower, zucchini, carrots, and lima beans.

    It's stopped raining so maybe I'll get my lazy self over to Staples and get ink for the printer.
  • chuckieb 3 years ago said:
    Good Afternoon Linda! Glad you were pleased with your Minestrone recipe. I just despise cauliflower and lima beans but great you like them as they're very healthy. Very sweet on Rocket and her babies visiting. Did I tell you about the raccoon we saw outside a week or so ago? It was SOOOOOO fat. Since they have to hibernate here in the winter they really pack on the beef just before hand. It would have a hard time climbing a tree I'd expect. LOL. Your dinner last night sounded lovely. Good luck with your errands and I hope you get better weather soon.

    Thanks everybody for all the good thoughts (again!) : It's cold but a beautiful sunny day here in Rainy River. Mom's Dr. was going to do another x-ray on Mom's chest today. He is hoping to discharge her soon which I don't think is wise as she is very unsteady on her feet. We got a message from Jim's brother in St. Catharines last night that Jim's Dad blacked out after his Dialysis treatment yesterday and was brought to emergency. They are going to do a CT scan on him today. Jim did call Hydro to tell them about the downed tree. What a flipping rollercoaster it's been and I'd like to jump off any moment please!

    And oh! We had a Covid test yesterday. Otherwise if they do discharge Mom I wouldn't be able to go to the apartments to visit her until Dec. 10th, once we'd been in the district for 14 days, but now we'd be able to once the test comes back negative so 4-7 days from now. It didn't bother me one iota but it burned Jim's nose. What crazy times.

    Glad Church went well Karen. Ugh on head fog.

    Sorry your sleep is so messed up Joce. Hope it regulates itself asap. We drove to Fort Frances. I'm too nervous to fly with the Pandemic. Thanks for blocking the spammer. They are SO annoying.

    Guess there's no way to stop the electronic toys from emitting noise Kimmer? I'm like Chloe....I don't care for loud noises either. :) Good you tried something new with your leftover mashed potatoes. I always just roll them in to balls and then in to shake 'n bake and freeze them. Once they're baked they're very yummy
  • LindaLMT 3 years ago said:
    Your fat raccoon was probably the one that ate all your apples Janet, LOL!
    Oh-No about Jim's dad. Any idea when you might hear something about what might of been the cause? When it rains it pours :(
    Fingers crossed for negative test results for you both. I'm thinking they will be negative.

    LD and I ran out to Staples and bought toner for the printer. It's not raining at the moment but looks like it may again. Just an all around 'icky' day.
  • MissouriFarmWife 3 years ago said:
    GR ate my post. Grrr!
  • Good4U 3 years ago said:
    Oh my goodness about Jim's dad as well! I agree you guys have been on a wild rollercoaster ride! I hope they can get Jim's dad under control. Such a stressful time for both of you. I hope your Mom goes home only when she is ready. Sending peaceful healing vibes to you. HUGS)))
    Too bad there isn't a volume control for Chloe's toys. They must make them with all the lights and action without all the noise.
    Sounds like you had quite a busy day, Linda.
    Bummer on GR eating your post, Karen.
    It is absolutely miserable out today! Cold and rainy all day and it poured and poured all day and it is still raining. I had to go pick up my new hearing aids today. Yeah! I can hear can what people are saying again!
    We are having chicken parm tonight with veggies and a baked potato.
    Wishing everyone a pleasant evening! Stay safe and well.
  • chuckieb 3 years ago said:
    I bet you're right about the apple eatin' coon Linda! LOL! We got another update about Jim's Dad and they are thinking perhaps low blood pressure or a negative reaction to his dialysis treatment which some patients do develop.

    Wow on all the rain Joce! Better than snow though I guess. Might be icy tonight though if it freezes! Congrats on your new hearing aids. Mom's left one has broken so we called the company she bought it from and they said just to bring it in and they'd fix it all up as it's still under warranty 'til 2022. Chicken parm sounds great.

    Visited with Mom today although they threatened me it might be the last time. Rolling eyes. Whatever. I swear one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. Mom does look better today though. No results back yet on her x-ray but I did manage to arrange Physio for her at her apartment once she's discharged.

    Gorgeous sunset over a frozen river. Night all.
  • kimmer 3 years ago said:
    Good evening and hello to all. Getting cold up here Linda and the breeze we have makes it feel even colder! You must have got today what we got overnight with the rain and storm. So sweet that Rocket brought the babies by! Oh dear on Jim's dad Janet! You both certainly have a lot to deal with lately! I'm sure your tests will show negative. Very frustrating with your Mom. Hang in there! Glad she looks better today. One of Chloe's toys is not as loud and that seems to be the one she favors. But she is still playing with the other two, especially when they are turned off, lol! GR has eaten a couple of my posts lately too Karen. Sounds like a miserable weather day Joce. Yay on the new hearing aids!!!

    No cooking for me tonight! The week before Thanksgiving, when I was at Fresh Market I bought a delight tray with all manner of deli and gourmet cheeses. Different cheeses that I don't necessarily buy that often. Some squares and some cubes. Obviously put together for the holiday. Also bought a small tray of smoked sausage and kielbasa. Really bought them just because they were "pretty", lol. So putting that out tonight with a variety of crackers that I always have on hand. (I'm a cracker nut and love all kinds!) Making a relish tray of sorts with pickles, sweet gherkins and olives. Will add some carrot and celery sticks with some ranch dressing. Also have some strawberries and grapes that need eaten up so will do that too. Hubs said..........perfect!

    Sleep Sweet always.......................
  • MissouriFarmWife 3 years ago said:
    Home at last. Guess the internet in Columbia didn't like the parking garage so it ate my post.

    So cute on Rocket bringing all 4 babies so she can have her sandwich. I am sure she is teaching them to hunt like real raccoons do and one little sandwich won't hurt anything. Ugh on the icky rainy day.

    Glad your mom seems to be doing better, Janet. And that they think they know what is wrong with Jim's dad.
  • MissouriFarmWife 3 years ago said:
    Not taking any chances with this site eating my posts.

    I agree the private site is better, Linda. I am so disgusted with the porn and love spells. Have blocked a bunch of them.

    We are now supposed to get rain Wednesday night turning to snow but no accumulation, mainly slush. Guess your weather is heading this way, Joce. We shall see. It was 27 F this morning, 33 F now. Wayne had some tests done at the VA and he is sleeping peacefully on the couch after the 2 1/2 hour trip home. I did spell him for some of the driving but he prefers to drive at night since I don't like the dusk-to-night driving.
  • MissouriFarmWife 3 years ago said:
    Your holiday cheese and meat tray sounds great, Kimmer. We have a meat and cheese, or fruit and cheese, supper every so often. Yum.

    AC popped out the door again. It is 33 F outside and he is too stubborn to come inside. He has lots of shelter -- the hay loft in the barn is very warm. He could easily become an outdoor kitty or barn kitty, except the lazy bum likes to come inside to eat or USE THE LITTER BOX! Like he doesn't have acres of "litter box" available outdoors. When the weather turns super cold he reverts to inside-cat.

    Have a good evening.

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