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Yay for tofu! :)

  • julesong 14 years ago
    Just noticed this new group - wanted to say hi! I love tofu. I usually get the freshly made tofu at my nearby Asian grocery... tastes so much better than the packaged stuff!
  • wiffy 14 years ago said:
    welcome and hi! I luv tofu too... and my fave is japanese tofu I get from Japanese supermarkets ... heavenly ;D
  • vegangal123 13 years ago said:
    i love tofu. It rocks. At this sushi place I went to once, they had this tofu that was fried like tempura and had this WONDERFUL sauce on it that tasted like a combo of sesame and soy. The only downside was that it broke really easily, so it was really hard to pick up with my chopsticks. And it was slimy too, which doesn't help.

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