What's your favorite Asian dish?

  • julesong 16 years ago
    I think mine might very well be Black Bean Chicken. :) Or hey, my husband's Chicken Korma...
  • julesong 16 years ago said:
    Haven't had Black Bean Chicken lately, but I did make an Eggplant and Peppers last week that was delicious!


    I added in some chunks of white fish (I think it was catfish) and mmmm... :)
  • julesong 16 years ago said:
    Oh yes... my favorite Indian dish is my hubby's Chicken Korma!

  • nakedchef 16 years ago said:
    I have many favorite asian foods,
    one of my favorite asian food is vietnamese spring roll
    you should try it on a vietnamese restuarant or make it yourself
  • nemo 16 years ago said:
    I LOVE Chinese food especially the sweet n sour chicken with pineapple and their "glass" noodles with stir fried veggies, I also love the Tofu in chili sauce over rice and the spring rolls and steamed veggie ravioli with soy sauce...

    I totally love a Sweet Thai Chili Sauce we bought and would drink it from the bottle if it wouldn't cause me some serious side-effects lol....

    I have had Japanese only once, sushi boat with wasabi, and loved that too

    I have always loved really hot Indian style curries since my best friend in South Africa was Indian so I tasted all sorts, love the samoosas, beef and chicken curries on rice and some Indian sweets i cannot name.

    So I guess I am an Asian food fan!
    Now I just need to try cooking these things myself..... hope this group can help me out with that!
  • strawberrysweets 14 years ago said:
    Oh my! I dont know where to begin.....

    Everytime I go back to San Francisco, I always go to a dimsum place in Serramonte called Koi Palace and the wait is so long. People would wait for over an hour just for a seat. Anyway, I always get their shark fin dumpling soup. It is so divine! It is food for the soul!
  • swatez 13 years ago said:
    Anyone have a good recipe for Hum Bow.....
    I wish we had a chat option so that we could get together online at the same time a discuss our food.

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