Good Morning Friday, April 6th

  • henrie 6 years ago
    Good Morning Everyone,

    This will be quick this morning as we have someone coming to give us a price on an alarm system this morning............Table is set up, same as yesterday, fruit bowl, sweet rolls, croissants with an assortment of jellies and jams. Coffee is made and OJ is icy cold, stop by and sit a bit before rushing off to get your day started.............

    Kimmer, the reason I didn't think I should have had to pay for Bobby's lenses is because the other polaroids were the wrong prescription and Bless his heart, through headaches and not being able to tell me they weren't working for him it took a second summer and ear infection before I started to play doctor and figure things out on my own. I had all his glasses read and all except for the polaroids were the right script the polaroids were WAY to strong, like 2 full numbers to high on the first reading. Anyway, I didn't argue with them, I was thankful to get to the bottom of this and get them remade with the right prescription in them.

    What's everyone's plans for today, after that guy leaves this morning, I have so much I need to do...........clean house, get dog food, and order Bobby those other glasses.....since his prescription is the strength it is it's not a next day thing, they have to send it off so it takes about 7 days.

    Going to get another cup of coffee.........BTW hubby made it this morning, so that was a treat, then I have to get dressed and get my makeup on and hair combed.

    Enjoy your day.........
    Hugs and Prayers for all................
  • sitbynellie 6 years ago said:
    Hi Henrie... thanks for opening. I'm so glad Bobby now has his correct script for his lenses. Hope you manage to get everything done! And well done hubby for getting the coffee going for you!

    I had a lot to do today but I didn't do any of it- ended up just curled up in my chair nursing horrible sinus headache & congestion, and sneezing a lot. Thank heaven for Vick's Vaporub I say. Enjoyed watching some coverage of the Masters from Augusta... very pleasing on the eye.

    Tomorrow is definitely shopping and cleaning.

    Enjoy the start of the weekend everyone!

  • kimmer 6 years ago said:
    Good evening all. good you are getting Bobby's glasses figured out. That's the nurse in you!

    Hi Susan.

    I am so behind on Easter stuff. Never before in my life as a mother have I been this so behind...........

    Have a funny (weird) story to tell.
    Hubby, Cayce and I were talking tonight about what to do for Easter dinner. I said that I do not want do a ham. Hubby agreed and said let's do something different. He suggested my oven slow cooked bbq ribs. I have done this numerous times for a holiday, but usually Christmas or a birthday request. Cayce chimed in and said, how about that with your potato salad and I will make a regular salad and my green beans. He makes these green beans with burnt almonds and onions. They are Amazing! He will not post this because he is saving it for his cookbook! Understood. He also wants to make a chocolate cheesecake and another dessert or two. Haven't decided on that yet. Ok...........go decide. The funny (weird thing) is that just seconds after we were talking about daughter calls. She's wanting to know what is for Easter dinner and what can she bring. I start laughing and say........we were just talking about that. So she says...........well can I give you my suggestions before you make up your mind. I say ok.......what did you have in mind. So she about you make the slow cook ribs that you do, potato salad, maybe a regular salad and those green beans that Cayce makes. I laughed so hard, hubby came into the room to see what was going on. This is not a normal or frequent dinner menu for a holiday that we usallly have. Kind of

    Lola tonight had romaine, green pepper, celery and some apple. After 12 crickets she does not need any protein for a few days, lol.

    If I don't get back this weekend it's only because I have so much to do. So I will wish everyone here a happy Easter!

    Sleep sweet all............

    Sleep sweet all

    May not be able to be here this weekend but will try.
  • henrie 6 years ago said:
    Susan don't feel bad, I didn't get my house cleaned either, will do my disinfecting tomorrow. Just was to tired and worn out from everything that's been going on. I did get Bobby his new glasses ordered, they should be here no later then the 17th but she said most likely much sooner. I'm anxious to try them, he still won't give his new polaroids up, he's worn them all day today, I had his other glasses laying on the dinning room table LOL he picked them up and laid them back down, I told him he could wear them if he wanted and he let me know he didn't want to :-)

    Kimmer, your dinner sounds good to me, I'm not going all out that's for sure. If I lived closer to you, I might just have popped in at your house. LOL

    Okay, just thought I would pop back in this evening to see how everyone was doing and say good night. I'll be back tomorrow hopefully before I start my cleaning.
    Have a Blessed Night one and all................
    Hugs and Prayers for all...............................

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