Tuesday, October 2nd

  • gourmetana 11 years ago
    Good morning everyone.
    Stopping by to say hi... Where the heck is everyone?
    Peeta, this group is yours.... Where are you?!
    Henrie, I hope you are feeling better.
    Verna, next Sunday is perfect for me. These last days where crazy for me too...
    Jett, Mandy, stop by and let me know how you are doing.
    Kimmer, where are you? Please come by and let me know if you're ok. Have been thinking of you....
    Breakfast is on the table. There's cinnamon rolls, toasts, cheese, raspberry compote, coffee, vanilla soy milk, tea, OJ.
  • henrie 11 years ago said:
    Hey Ana, and anyone else that has a chance to drop in.

    Wow, sure am glad I checked in today, had a busy day so far but would have really hated to miss out on your good cinnamon rolls :-) Everything you put out on the table this morning is wonderful, love anything raspberry, so yummy.

    Yesterday we spent the day with my daughter and her husband, we celebrated my daughters birthday a day late. Went to Olive Garden for lunch after Len's doctors appt, the doctor was really pleased with Len's weight loss progress. To date he's lost about 15 lbs so far.

    Today we had several errands to run so we just got back home. Yes, Ana I'm feeling much better now, hardly coughing at all anymore, thank goodness.

    Where is everyone??? Peeta, you need to try an come back, did you give up on the group??? Kimmer, how are you doing, miss you a lot girl. Verna, my thoughts are your to busy to check in now that your back to work. Susan, where are you, hope all is well there.

    My grandson and his wife is coming back from Germany in Dec. they have their tickets so it's really happening. Should be a good Christmas with lots to celebrate.

    Hope everyone has a good day, Ana, don't work to hard dear.

    Hugs and Prayers all around...........
  • kimmer 11 years ago said:
    Good evening all. I am here..........I am here. I'm sorry I have gone missing lately. Have just had soooo much on my plate. Some of which I have not been able or known how to deal with. Then there is regular life. We are in full fall baseball swing plus Cayce is on a travel team. Two teams!!!! So it seems just about every other night I am somewhere at a baseball field, lol! Usually don't get home til around 10pm. I do have some good news, about 2 months old I'm afraid......I got a huge promotion (finally) at work and I am where I wanted to be and set out to achieve. The money is good and has helped our family tremendously! But............so much more work and stress! Hey, goes with the territory.

    I will try to be here more often. But I do have to say, that when I finally land at home, I am so very tired and by the time dinner is done & cleaned up, the last thing I think of is booting up my computer. Especially when at work, I have been on one all day. Lately, I have been reading again before bed. I have really missed that. But it seems my eyes can only either look at the computer or read by that time of the night. So I have been choosing to read. It takes me away to places that have nothing to do with things going on in my life. Guess it's my fantasy life, lol! Wish there was a repeat button where I could say a Sleep Sweet to everyone every night, lol............ Just know, you all are always in my thoughts and prayers, whether I check in or not. We have known each other for so long........how could you not be?!!!!!

    But tonight I will say a "real" Sleep Sweet All.............as always.
  • ravenseyes 11 years ago said:
    well its dinner time but I figured I would do a quick run by the room - thank you Ana for your beautiful spread wish I had one of those beautiful cinnamon buns this morning for breakfast - Henrie you are so correct I am up at 5am and in the car by 640 am and at work by 745 am and home by 6pm or shortly after so it is a very long day for me - the organization that I am working for is a very wonderful bunch of ppl but I have to say very very unorganized - just very hard to watch a beautiful practice go down the drain like that - there are so many things that just are not properly managed - but I am there only for a short spell so easy for me to talk - Ana I hear you when you made the statement that you feel like Peeta has given up on us - it is hard for me to try and get here except for the weekend and then you make the effort and there is no one that is interested - and you wonder why you bother - I think that if Peeta isn't coming back soon there should be consideration to closing the group I just don't have the time to spend at making it successful and truthfully I think interest in general has just dropped off and it is sad but what can you do times have changed and I have made some very good friends all over the world and it has been super - just no way around that - and perhaps we need to consider opening a group where we check in on weekends only or maybe two times per week - something along that line - any thoughts???
    Henrie, Ana besides the two of you there aren't many left Susan and Kim come when they can - but what else can we do?
    Give me your thoughts!!
    Hugs and prayers all around!
    PS Henrie so happy to hear about your grandson and his wife coming for Christmas most certianly makes Christmas special
  • kimmer 11 years ago said:
    Ok...........gee.....guess I'm on the computer tonight instead of reading, lol......but that's ok cause this is important! Actually it is early and "Thank God" we did not have a game or practice. Tomorrow........not so good, lol! Practice for one team.....then game for the other......Yipes! So hear me now while I am here!! I say with a smirk and a smile! But yes, that is an order!!!!!

    Here are my heartfelt thoughts.............this group of once, many more people, have seen so many trials and tribulations together. We have lifted each one up, when needed. We have laughed together, we have cried together, we have prayed together, we have done it all TOGETHER!! ...for many, many years......... Yes, we have seen people come and go. Well, on a social network........that's what happens. But listen......there were many times thru the years when I was so down and at my darkest hour that all I had to do was come here. I was lifted up and renewed by the friendships that have been formed here. Those friendships hit right to the core of your being. You don't have to actually "meet" someone in person to be their friend. You don't have to actually be involved in their every day life to be their friend. The point is that you met........whether on line or not.......and you love them and you ARE their friend! You give them comfort when they are sad. You give them praise when they do good. YOU are always there for them.....no mater what. YOU were brought together for a reason! That is what this group now needs to be founded on. Perhaps we do need to form a new group. A one that no one feels they HAVE to check in everyday. Perhaps a group that we come to maybe once a week, kind of like Verna said. Just say hello or share a good or bad moment of your week. We all have good and bad moments. Just share! Get it all out. That is part of my problem. I cant always be here and be just happy and share recipes. My life is in a major turmoil right now. I try but I don't want to just unload all my personal problems here. But if we had a group that was a bit neutral we could just say at least Hi.....see ya soon....got some stuff going on right now! What ya think!

    I don't know where Peeta is right now. I know she has had some serious health issues that apparently keeps her away from here. Lets get together and either create a new group or continue this one. But let the guessing game go! Let's get this done! I know I can't be here everyday anymore. As so many of you can't either. But I still want to know what is happening in your lives. Once a week check in sounds good to me. Lets get this done and make it so! I don't want to lose track of you guys! As I said before.....you all mean the world to me!!!!

    Now.....going to bed to read. Again...........Sleep Sweet All.............as always!

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