Cooking For Fun

  • cookingforfun 14 years ago
    When my three sons were young, we (my wife and I) would have the kids cook with us. We had fun.
    Can you imagine the laughs. At least one of us would really screw up our part and many time the dinner would be a disaster. Perfection, nope. Close family, yes.
    I could tell tons of stories but I would love to hear yours.
  • pat2me 14 years ago said:
    Hi, Arthur
    I'm pretty mild mannered, may I join you?
  • chezglenn 14 years ago said:
    I am fairly gentile as well. Don't care for any of the bickering going on. Let them get on with it.
  • pleclare 14 years ago said:
    Count me in please!
  • ronnymarcus 14 years ago said:
    OK! So Iv'e posted a truly cooking-for-fun recipe.

    This recipe is meant for us simple friendly, love-to-cook, love-to-eat, foodies ONLY!
    If you are a proffessional chef, this recipe might cause a major psychological problem or emotional trauma.
    If you are not cooking for fun, Don't, (I repeat), Don't read the recipe.
  • coffeebean53 14 years ago said:
    Hey count me in. No bickers here. :)
  • sparow64 14 years ago said:
    Sounds like a plan to me! ; )

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