8 month kitchen remodel

  • notyourmomma 13 years ago
    Lived with an electric skillet and washed dishes in the tub. (generous amount of bleach water rinse)
    In the hospital for a three month mandatory stay, doctors wouldn't let our son come home until we remodeled and added a whole house heating system to protect our preemie child. Decided to add a stove, working refrigerator, even flooring (no tripping hazards), and countertops to our demolished bachelor microwave set on a piece of plywood. I actually served dinner for eight without an oven, stove, microwave or ocuntertops using just my electric skillet and an toaster oven. Some of our most fun parties came out of the improvisation.
  • linebb956 13 years ago said:
    Amazing what we can do when we have no choice... Right? I went 4 months without a stove top... still no oven.. I use my counter convection... Or my daughters who is right next door. I got to be a pro at ele skillet cooking!

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