just found out...

  • lollya 16 years ago
    not happy about this, as i love to cook. anything you all could do to help me adapt? background...i have had migraines for 15 years, and just found out today that i might be allergic to wheat. am on strict diet for next month to see. am also a vegetarian, thus complicating it. anything you know, resources, recipes, commercial foods that rock would make me so very happy. this is hard news.
  • kchan 16 years ago said:
    How's it going lollya?
  • peetabear 16 years ago said:
    Lollya I've been wondering how you have been doing also..
  • lollya 16 years ago said:
    hi guys.
    um it's okay. i've had my ups and down. my fits and tantrums. the headaches are much better although I have one right now! shoot! :0 thanks for caring. now i'm just trying to figure out some decadent tasty gf cookies for xmas!
  • rabid 11 years ago said:
    You may be thinking you are going to starve to death but hang in there it does get better. Ancient Harvest pastas are pretty good

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