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  • davidwhittaker 17 years ago
    I was shocked to find that there was not a group dedicated to the wonderful world of grilling and BBQing!

    I am a novice, but I love to cook a good burger or steak on the grill. This season (I live in Cleveland, so it is tough to grill year round) I am hoping to expand my grilling habits to include seafood and fresh veggies.

    Let's fire it up!

  • softgrey 17 years ago said:
    hi dave...

    there is little i enjoy more than a good barbecue---though i am sort of a purist and really like meats grilled with little more than salt added...

    living in manhattan it is a big big big deal to have some outdoor space and last season i got my own grill...gas...though i'd rather have charcoal...
    i love it so much that you can find me out there in winter in a parka with a pair of tongs grilling shrimp...etc...

    so now i am ready to start the season and experiment with some marinades, seafood, etc...
    as you are..

    if only the weather would cooperate...!!...

  • joeboudreau 16 years ago said:
    i just bought a smoker so i look forward to sharing and recieving some great recipes, im new to this site but seems great so far

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