categories etc

  • archangel 4 years ago
    Is it not possible to add more options like south african cuisine , cured foods etc?
  • lovebreezy 4 years ago said:
    Sadly no, not sure we should be able to do that but there should definitely be more categories to choose from. I believe there are several common categories missing like "chicken" and "beverages" too. This is something the owner of the site needs to work on and we are hoping it will indeed happen so day. Yes, there are many of those kind of quirks on GroupRecipes but generally we feel the freedom of posting recipes and the ability to have discussions with other cooks make it a good site.

    (Kristopher, we see you pop in and out and hope you'll find time to do a few more updates sometime. TIA)
  • frankieanne 4 years ago said:
    I would love to have a chicken category. It is really needed, I think.
  • archangel 4 years ago said:
    no I agree it is an amazing site, I check in every day!

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