• lumpy1 13 years ago
    Just wondering if anyone is finding Morels around northern Indiana or southwest Cook County Illinois?
  • myrtlejo 13 years ago said:
    Hello, new to the site, hope I am doing this right.
    We were shroomin' not too long ago and found one of our bigest Morels ever---9 1/2 inches and every bite was delicious! Strangly it was all by itself which is unusual. We tend to find at least a few together. This has been a lean year as far as finding them goes for us. Between the weird weather and people not wanting you on their land anymore it has been tough. It makes every morel we find that more exciting though!
  • lumpy1 13 years ago said:
    welcome to the site. your working your way through here perfectly. I'm in Illinois south of chicago west of northern Indiana, and I haven't yet been out looking. Last year I came out of the woods with a big sackful. I got lucky and found morels my first time out. a cop was parked next to my car, and my heart jumped out of my chest just about, but it turned out that he also parks in the same secluded area to do paperwork.
  • mrtnzangel8 13 years ago said:
    Hey myrtlejo. You are a neighbor of mine. I live on the West side of Springfield. My mom used to take me hunting for morels when I was a kid. I would love to know places that are ok to hunt for them.

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