From Scratch Bacon Ranch Dressing

  • pointsevenout 12 years ago
    Recipe by Chefjeb: From Scratch Bacon Ranch Dressing/saved
    This tastes OK as a dressing. It doesn't have the taste of store bought ranch. I think they put a little vinegar in there for a little zing.
    This looks like Green Goddess in color, not the white white color of the store stuff.
    Proof will be in the salad after it gets a chance to chill.
    Made a pic and posted it on Chefjeb's page. Hope he doesn't get too huffy about it.
    Used powdered buttermilk that I scored from King Arthur's Flour Co.
    Left out the bacon.
    Put it in a Miracle Whip bottle.
    Wonder if it would change the recipe too much if I use a little whipped Creme Fraiche next time to bring out the buttermilk flavor and thicken the dressing just a little.
  • scotdog98 12 years ago said:
    I use the powdered buttermilk to make a dry ranch dressing mix, but personally in a recipe like this, you need the real thing, IMO. I'll have to try this, it sounds really good.
  • pointsevenout 12 years ago said:
    Whatever thickness was in the dressing was gone after a couple days in the fridge.

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