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German Pancake 1

  • pointsevenout 11 years ago
    Recipe by Zhiannablu: German Pancake
    Made it again following directions this time. Pulled it early 'cause I thought it was getting brown enough on the outside. Puffed up nicely this time but still didn't get the convoluted look of the recipe picture.
    Used butter chunks to float on top of the batter this time instead of melted butter which sank last time.
    Made a whole berry cranberry syrup for a nice sweet tart flavor.

    Two 12oz bags whole cranberries
    One cup table sugar
    One half cup water
    Boil in a medium sauce pan until berries start to pop then reduce heat to medium or medium low to simmer for 8 to 10 minutes. A majority of the berries will pop during simmer but it's a delightful surprise when a whole berry bursts in your mouth.

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