Luisa's Flan de Queso

  • gourmetana 8 years ago
    Flan De Queso Cuban Cheesecake

    I just came back from a weekend at my grandparents. My family is very big and we get together quite often in my grandparents house in the north of Portugal. I usually am in charge of the desserts. I made 5 this time. One of those was Luisa's flan which is the best I've ever had. No joking. It it yummy, velvety, creamy, not overly sweet. Just perfect.
    It makes a big flan. I believe it is easily halved. But hey... who would want to do that? ;)
    Thanks for another great recipe Luisa.
    (Will had the photo as soon as my father sends me the desserts photos taken with his camera)
  • frankieanne 8 years ago said:
    Five!! Wow! That's a bunch of dessert. That flan picture on Luisa's recipe is so pretty. I'll be looking forward to yours. Sounds like you had a nice weekend.
  • mommyluvs2cook 8 years ago said:
    I've just started liking the flan texture in the past year or so. This one sounds great! Saving for my first flan making experience! Looking forward to the photo :)
  • gourmetana 8 years ago said:
    FA, we were 31 sitting around the table. So 5 was a good number and there weren't that many leftovers believe me ;)
    ML2C, this is a good first recipe, it is quite simple to make!

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