Favorite Sandwiches

  • sparow64 13 years ago
    How about those favorite sandwiches that you don't need a recipe for? You know, the one that some of your freinds/family might say "eewwww....gross" when they hear about it!
    1) When the tomatoes come in, I have to have big slices of red tomato on white, with Kraft Mayo (and if I have some bacon to add....ohhh boy...could eat my weight in those!).

    2) A treat my mom would always fix: white bread, kraft mayo, cream cheese and sliced spanish olives! Mmmm'mmmm good! One of my friends saw me eating one when I was pregnant, and thought I was having weird craving! LOL

    3) And the ever popular, peanut butter, kraft mayo, and bananas!! yummmy!

    (When I was growing up, you had to specifically ask for the kraft mayo to be left off, it was put on any sandwich in the kitchen! except pb&j!).
  • pleclare 13 years ago said:
    Great idea but have to admit I am a Hellman's girl! Always have cream cheese and olives,will have to try with the mayo.......... Nothing like a garden tomato sandwich and yes,bacon makes it extra special. Sad to say have never had peanut butter and banana. Guess it's time to try but do love peanut butter and bacon!
  • trigger 13 years ago said:
    An old fashioned Grilled Cheese is one, an Asian pear with romaine Gorgonzola cheese and walnuts and an raspberry vinaigrette Wrap is the other.

  • sandwich_connoisseur 9 years ago said:
    What about vegemite and avocado? Maybe that is just an Australian thing - but it makes a great sandwich!

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