Noms for Dog & Boy

I've been experimenting with recipes that are yummy and healthy for both myself and my dog Cowboy.
Not that I'm a crazy dog lady or anything but I've discovered how easy
...More it is to say... Bake a jar of 4-legged friendly treats while I made Peanut Butter Cookies by simply neglecting to put in sugar or butter in a batch of dough.

Then I got the wild-baker's bug and started topping the treats with little kibble nibbles, or beggin'strips. Et Voila! My first D&B bake was a success !
*D&B = Dog & Boy (Although I quite enjoy Drum & Bass music... not so much Dungeons & Basements though...)

On that note. Please join me if you like spoiling your multi-specie family with yummy treats.
Healthy recipe alterations are soooooooo welcomed and needed.

Next Up : Raw-Food dinner platter for D&B. I'm trying to re-work a college dorm room recipe stolen from my ex-boyfriend into the perfect One Pot Comfort Bowl.


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