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  • mommabaker 5 years ago
    Hey gang, I know I haven't been in here but I see you guys around and love all your awesome recipes. Wondering if anyone has any idea about this cupcake... post link below. I'm throwing my daughter a halloween birthday party-- she's turning 5! Where did the time go??? I'm also making spider looking cupcakes along with the one's in the link.

    I have no idea what the glass candy would be made out of or how to even make it? Any suggestions? Can it be bought??

    Hope you are all well!!! Thanks for all the kind words and checking up on me! You're much appreciated!!!!
  • mommabaker 5 years ago said:
    I found three glass candy ideas on here... is this what this is?
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    Hi MarieC, First of all your children are adorable what cute smiles.:)

    Those cupcakes are cool. I found this site on making glass candy and I hope it helps.

    Lori, Posted this site with other ideas I don't know if you saw it in her post today or not?
    Scroll down to see some of the things they did if you wish.
    And this is another one with bones

    Wow! Five years old she will have a great time! Is her birthday October 31st?
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Hi Marie! Good to see you and Oh my Goodness your kids are cutie-patootie's. :)
    Sounds like you may have enough info already but I happen to have just bought that cookbook that that recipe is out of (A zombie ate my cupcake!) and here is the recipe for that actual glass.

    Shattered Glass

    *Because sugar glass absorbs moisture, it must be used soon after preparation, or it will lose its brittle quality.

    oil spray
    2 cups water
    3 1/2 cups granulated sugar
    1 cup light corn syrup
    1/4 tsp. cream of tartar

    1)Line a shallow tray with aluminum foil, ensuring there are no gaps (any gaps between sheets can be sealed using spray oil) Spray the mold all over with oil spray at least 30 min. before using.
    2)Mix together the water, sugar, corn syrup and cream of tartar in an old saucepan and bring to the boil with a candy thermometer inserted. Let the mixture boil, stirring continuously, until it reaches 300F. Pour the mixture very quickly and carefully into the oiled mold and let it cool.
    3)Pop the mixture carefully out of the mold when it has cooled completely. I used a meat tenderizer to tap it in the center and it cracked into perfect shards.
    4) Cover the top of your cakes with frosting, then insert a shard of 'glass' into the center of each cake. Using a pipette or spoon, drop some cherry sauce onto the glas as fake blood.

    My son was born mid-October so he always had Halloween themed birthday parties as well. It was awesome! Have a wonderful time!
  • mommabaker 5 years ago said:
    Thanks you guys! The links are great and the recipe helps a ton. Her birthdya is actually this Tuesday but for fun we're throwing her birthday party closer to Halloween, but we're going out as a family tomorrow and she'll get presents Tuesday from us. I'm excited! I love Halloween!

    Thank you for helping me! I really appreciate it! :)
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:

    More ideas!

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