Friday's Future

  • LindaLMT 10 months ago
    Good Morning Everyone.

    All your ravings about the Instant Pot Kimmer has me convinced I need one and I see one in my near future. The magic word ... "tender" and "one pot" meal has my full attention. Thank you for letting us know how well your meals are working out for you.
    I'm so happy too to hear your DH is doing well. Appetite is good and no complications from the surgery. Now to just heal.

    The grout guys are here and working. I think I made the right choice going with this company. They showed up before their scheduled time but didn't ring the bell until 8:00 (the noted time to be here) and got right to work. Very nice men, professional, and seem to have a ton of experience. LD is a little miffed he can't go play with them.

    Since I have no idea how long this will take (I believe the better part of the day) it makes planning a meal hard so we will go out later to get something to eat. I'll run to the store for deli sandwiches for lunch if the two men working want some too, if not I have some lunchmeat here and will make DH and I a sandwich.
    Will be a good day to be in my office sorting thru paperwork, filing, tossing, etc.
  • chuckieb 10 months ago said:
    Good Morning Linda! That's excellent the grout guys are already at it. They do sound professional. Deli sandwiches for lunch sounds great and hopefully you can think of somewhere to go this evening for a nice meal out. Good luck with your paperwork.

    It's -13C/8F at the moment and I've just finished my first cup of coffee. Supposed to be mainly sunny this morning with snow flurries starting this afternoon.
    I'm meeting up with two girlfriends for lunch today at the Lone Star Restaurant.
    I always get Fajitas when I'm there but I think I'll get something different today. Am eyeing up the hamburger or the quesadillas.
    It'll be great to see these ladies. We haven't gotten together in months!!!

    Jim has a hankering for some pasta and sauce and he's leaning towards tortellini so I'll pick up some of that at the grocery store on the way home for dinner tonight. I'm going to do a run to Costco before lunch.

    No eggs left in the house so it'll just be toast for breakfast. I'll use some of my cranberry jelly on mine.

    Any big plans for today or the weekend? Benjamin is flying to Vietnam tomorrow. It's his Chinese New Year Holiday. He's over there for ten days. Will land in Ho Chi Minh City and also visit Hanoi. He has a friend who is going to join him in Ho Chi Minh City for a few days and he's also made contact with Esperanto Groups in both cities so they will be good tour guides. :)

    Am looking forward to grocery shopping. My cupboards are bare!!!!

    Wishing everybody a great TGIF!!!! Does anyone love watching the Olympics?
  • LindaLMT 10 months ago said:
    We watch the Olympics! I had them on last night and caught some of figure skating. I so wish I could skate like that, it looks so enchanting, like they are gliding so effortlessly but in reality I know it's hard because they are always out of breath when they are done.
    How cool Benjamin is going to visit Vietnam for the New Year. And very fortunate to have guides.

    My cupboards and fridge are dwindling down and I too need to grocery shop and do a Costco run very soon.
    Enjoy your lunch out with the girls. I haven't been to a Lone Star in some time. We have one here but the service really stunk when we went. Maybe we will give it another shot sometime.
    Yum on pasta for dinner.
  • LindaLMT 10 months ago said:
    Kimmer ... what brand/model is your Instant Pot? I'm looking on Amazon and see there are several makers, as if I'm not confused enough already.
    Karen ... are you using one?
  • chuckieb 10 months ago said:
    Jim and I don't tend to watch the Olympics but maybe I should check it out.
  • mommyluvs2cook 10 months ago said:
    Morning!! I agree Linda, Kimmer along with all the rave about it from other places, makes me want to get and instant pot. I may start looking into them today!! That's great you are getting your grout done and that your happy with your decision to go with them. Enjoy your dinner out :)

    Fun on your lunch date with your GF's Janet. I'd be trying out that Southwest Chicken Bowl :) Yum on tortellini, we just had that a few nights ago and it was delish! Too cool on Benjamin's trip to Vietnam, can't wait to hear more about it! We caught some of the Olympics yesterday morning while the kids were getting ready for school. It was a sport I'd never seen before, I think called curling? Nothing to do with weightlifting lol, it's a game on ice, was pretty neat. Plan on watching more when we aren't busy!

    This week was just insane and I'm SO glad it's almost over. I'm super sore from making 80 enchiladas yesterday, my upper back and neck. I'm guessing from rolling them and looking down so long? Or I'm just getting old :P Today I am playing catch up around the house. Also getting things ordered for Bri's 13th birthday party (cake, letter donuts, hotel room, etc.) I'll start getting more of the detailed things next week for the games and supplies. Her party is next Friday.

    Briauna's Valentines dance is tonight and she is going over to her friends house after school to get ready. Her friend's Sister has all the best make-up and hair stuff, from what I'm told lol, and is going to fix them both up. I will meet them up there before the dance to get pictures :)

    Pulled out ribs for tonight so I'll oven bake those (maybe grill, but not sure) and serve with broccoli and some sort of potatoes or mac and cheese. Wishing everyone a great day!!!
  • Good4U 10 months ago said:
    Good Morning Everyone!
    Great to hear the grout guys are there and doing a good job, Linda. I am sure you will think of a good place to eat later on. We watched the skating last night also. Den will be off for 10 days starting tonight which he always takes off for his BD and we always watch the Winter Olympics when he is off. I think the Instant Pot that was invented in Ottawa, Canada is the one that has all the raving reviews. I would look them up on Consumer Reports. To me, all they are is is a pressure cooker with a timer. I use a pressure cooker at least 4 or 5 times a week and I have been for years.

    Enjoy your lunch out with your GF's, Janet and have a good grocery shop alone.

    Very pleased your HB is doing very well, Kimmer.

    I made a boo boo when making the spaghetti sauce yesterday:( For whatever reason I had, it stuck in my mind it needed 2 pounds of ground beef instead of one. It was too beefy for the rest of the sauce. So I will take it out of the fridge and see what I can do with it now. It was just O.K. so I hope I can improve it now. Den will have his normal Friday Fare of ribeye steak and oven fries and as usual, I don't know what I am going to make.

    Wishing everyone a great day!
  • mommyluvs2cook 10 months ago said:
    Here is an example of what the donut shop does
    she won't have all the cereal toppings, just sprinkles, flowers and polka dot designs in purples, blues, and white :)
  • mommyluvs2cook 10 months ago said:
    Morning Joce! Dang on using too much ground beef in the sauce. Maybe add a jar of good quality store bought sauce to make it less beefy? I know that defeats the whole purpose of making your own, but it will be better than not looking forward to eating it!
  • LindaLMT 10 months ago said:
    That's great Den has 10 days off Joce. Enjoy the time together.
    I never cooked with a pressure cooker. They always frightened me. My mom used one and the site of it compared to the ones today is comical and she lived to the next day after using it. I just figured if there was a way to get hurt using one I'd be the one to discover it.
    Can you just add more tomato base to your sauce?

    80 enchiladas Michelle!! My back and neck would be hurting too. Will Bri be doing a sleepover for her birthday? Too cute on the dance. Hope the girls have a great time. Do they want to dance with boys yet? I like the donut thing ... will it be for her party or for school?
  • MissouriFarmWife 10 months ago said:
    Morning all!

    Sounds like the grouting guys are doing a good job, Linda.! Sometimes workers have accepted lunch (anything from egg salad sandwiches to pasta) but some companies do not allow it as part of their policy. The sun room was built by a team of four and they were so polite! Only the foreman stepped inside if they had a question. The guy who put in the stove accepted lunch, he said that in his training he was told not to use bathroom and not to accept food, but he did eat some soup with us....only one bowl though, no seconds....I think the soup was okay, it was just him being polite -- ha ha!

    I haven't been brave enough to try mine....must break down soon!

    Have a great time with your GF, Janet! Are your flight reservations done?

    Be sure to put a pix of Bri and her GF on GR, Michelle. I am sure she will have fun! What channel did you see the curling? All we got was NBC's coverage of skating in the evening. Looked this morning but nothing!

    Joce, I would concur with adding sauce to thin it down. Not sure what ingredients you usually add but I have fried additional onions, garlic, and green peppers, and added tomato sauce or paste or pasta sauce to thin it. Of course, mine never turns out the same....I tend to substitute for missing items rather than travel 24 to 50 miles round trip....LOL!

    GR is worse, daughter is staying home from work tonight. Dr said it is not the influenza virus so no antibiotics since they don't work on viruses anyhow.

    Fritz is on Wayne's lap. Trouble is beside me and Mauser is on mine.

    I talked to our neighbor....Traveler attacked one of their tomcats....I told him that It was a stray we were feeding and I wanted to live trap him and take him to the animal shelter in Rolla. But if he keeps attacking their animals I would understand if he had to shoot the cat. He doesn't like to do that either, he has several outdoor cats and one indoor.. I really can't tolerate people who dump animals....this cat is a beautiful Siamese seal point and has obviously been owned. He would probably not be a lap cat bec he is rather aloof, but if neutered, and lost his urge to fight for the ladies, he would be a fun critter to have around.

    The guy down the road shoots anything that shows up on his land....he decided he wants to bring rabbit hunters to hunt on his place and that a cat would destroy the rabbits. So we hope he doesn't wander down that way.

    Laundry is calling. o idea what to fix for dinner, but will check for crock pot and pressure cooker recipes.

    Have a nice day!
  • kimmer 10 months ago said:
    Good afternoon and hello to all. Popping by while I have some lunch. Having leftover roast and veggies. Tastes even better the next day! Can't get over how tender the meal came out, just melts in your mouth. Linda, I have the Instant Pot Duo Plus 9 in 1. I bought an 8 quart because of the size of our family. I'm sure a 6 quart would do you just fine and they also have a 3 quart. Not sure if they have the Duo Plus in a 3 quart though. And a 3 quart just sounds to small even just to cook for two. Lol, I guess I should be their rep Janet! My hubs told me last night I should be doing their commercials as I was sooo excited about how well it did. Next up for the Instant Pot is strawberry cheesecake, yes that's right folks, she said cheesecake!! Will be trying that this weekend.

    Holy moly on the 80 enchiladas Michelle!!! But I'm sure they will be devoured and truly appreciated!

    Lunch done, gotta get back to work. Enjoy the day all!
  • mommyluvs2cook 10 months ago said:
    Linda, Bri will be doing a sleepover. Since Michael will still be on nights we will be doing it at a hotel so they won't wake him up in the morning :) They have an indoor pool too so that will keep them busy! Lol, she will not dance with boys and acts like she has no interest in them, but I've seen a famous young teen actor or singer's picture as her screen saver on her phone :P Donuts are for the morning after the party, hope they stay fresh since I'm picking them up Friday :\

    I don't even remember the channel Karen, I was just scrolling through and saw the Olympics and clicked on it! Couldn't find anything on this morning either. Oh no on Traveler :( Hope he doesn't have to get shot and that you or someone can get him to a shelter.

    Thanks for the link Kimmer! I REALLY want one :) Also glad to hear your hubby is doing well!
  • LindaLMT 10 months ago said:
    Yikes Karen! Traveler is just doing what comes naturally. I hope you are able to trap him soon for everyone/animals sake.
    These guys don't want anything either. No food, not even bottled water. They came with whatever they need want and the one was so polite he went out to his truck and ate.
    So sorry GS is feeling worse. Hopefully lots of rest over the weekend will help.

    Thank you for the link Kimmer. I'm thinking a 6 quart would be good for 2 people too. I agree a 3 quart pot would be too small for anyone. Ooooo on strawberry cheesecake! I will probably get one this weekend and order it from Amazon unless Costco has the same for less. I order a lot of stuff from Amazon because if you use, you can link your favorite charity and they get $$.

    I think if you wrap the donuts well they will be ok for the next morning Michelle. Maybe you can let Michael stay at the hotel and have the girls at your house? He may enjoy it.
  • chuckieb 10 months ago said:
    Oh my Goodness Michelle, I laughed so hard tears were almost coming out of my eyes. And I don't mean to laugh at you....but curling is a big deal in Canada and a SUPER big deal where I grew up as a teen in Northwestern Ontario so when you said...."It was a sport I'd never seen before, I think called curling? Nothing to do with weightlifting lol, it's a game on ice, was pretty neat." I just about lost it. LOLOL. I am positive there are sports that you are well acquainted with that I have no clue about either. :) Too funny! And go you on the 80 Enchiladas. We shall call you "Queen of the Enchiladas". And here is a perfect example of something I'm not aware of...."Letter Doughnuts"???? Obviously it's got to be a doughnut in the shape of a letter but I have never heard of that in my entire life. How cool is that? Just saw your link. They are really something unique!!!! Costco had a booth giving away free samples of Krispy Creme doughnuts today. I withheld. :) So Bri's turning 13 eh. Wow. And a Valentine's Day Dance tonight. Can't wait to see pictures. I'll totally go for some ribs and mac n' cheese please!!!!! Wow on a Hotel Sleep over!!! That's pretty special. There's no way in heck my parents would have EVER done that for me. LOLOLOL. It's a great idea. LOL @ Linda's idea. Yes, Michael might enjoy that but I think the girls would be jealous then. :)

    How nice Den is on holidays Joce. I didn't know an Instant Pot was invented in Ottawa! That's cool. So you can all thank my home town now guys. LOLOLOL. Yum on Den's dinner. You should be able just to add a second set of sauce ingredients if all you did was double up the meat for your spaghetti sauce yes? You could also use it as a filling for Meatball subs!!!!

    Yes Karen, we booked our flights yesterday morning so we're all set! Oh dear that your GS is worse. I'd be keeping a close eye on him too so it's good your daughter elected to stay home with him. You just don't want to take any chances. Oh dear on Traveller getting into a scrap with the neighbour's cat. Hope he just stays safe in your yard and gets more tame.

    Strawberry Cheesecake in the Instant Pot Kimmer!!!! I love it. That's too funny. They do look like pressure cookers don't they!

    Linda, are the guys finished or did they knock off for the day? I guess you're probably out for dinner now. Is there any residual smell?
  • chuckieb 10 months ago said:
    Michelle, how many girls is Bri inviting to her sleepover?

    I had a really nice day. Ran all sorts of errands on my own and indeed had a good shop at both Costco and Sobey's. Linda, I found the big jar of "Better than Bouillion" at Costco today. I almost did a little happy dance! :) The small one costs me $7.29 at Sobey's and it's an 8 oz. jar and the 16 oz. jar at Costco was $7.99!!!! What an awesome deal!!!! My other fun purchase at Costco was a bee house. I'll show you a picture another day. I'm really tickled with it.

    Met up with my girlfriends at noon. I ended up choosing the Steakhouse burger with a side of tortilla soup and both were very tasty. The burger was huge! I couldn't finish my soup. One friend ordered the Texas Chicken sandwich with fries and the other ordered a Chicken Fajita wrap with fries. We had a lovely catch up and will try get together again soon to go see a movie. All of us want to go see "Peter Rabbit". :)

    Found some fun things at Sobey's too. We have JIm's cousin and family arriving over the Family Day weekend so I'm starting to stock up on treats and things for them to do. I bought some fancy popcorn that is drizzled with chocolate and raspberries and then I bought them this amazing bottle of juice called "CloudEm". This is a video of it.
    Isn't that cool? I bought the pink one and then I bought fancy plastic flutes at the dollar store with silver on the bottom (silver plastic LOL) and then I'll pour the drink into the flutes and then put some gummy bears at the bottom. I think. It's a sparkling apple cider. I think they should be impressed. LOLOL.

    And then guess who had written out a huge grocery list and forgot it on the kitchen island? Yep, you guessed right. It was an entire 8.5" x 11" full on one side of my jottings. I was all disappointed when I realized as it was a fun grocery list. Anyway.....when I got home and stroked off what I'd got I was actually only missing three items!!! I was quite proud of myself. 1) kitchen garbage bags (only buy them once a year at Costco and I was getting down), Tylenol and egg noodles. LOL.

    JIm's got a fire going. Nice and cuddly.
  • chuckieb 10 months ago said:
    I googled the Instant Pot's association with Ottawa. This is an article in our local paper back in 2016. Too funny.
  • chuckieb 10 months ago said:
    Oh Linda, I bought my first ever coconut yogurt today. Haven't tried it yet. Couldn't get just coconut on it's own. It supposedly has some pineapple fruit at the bottom that I stir in. I'm quite excited. LOL.
  • chuckieb 10 months ago said:
    Just saw Bri's Valentine's Day Dance photos on FB. She looks like a movie star! Gorgeous!
  • LindaLMT 10 months ago said:
    Too tired and will catch up more tomorrow. The one guy didn’t finish until about 4:15. They did a fantastic job. We ran out for something to eat. And yes, the master bath stinks to high heaven.

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