• sparow64 12 years ago
    Just pulling the group up to the front page for new members to see, and to remind other members to post their original recipes!
  • lilliancooks 12 years ago said:
    Thanks Sparow! That's a great idea especially since I've mentioned this to a few members recently! They were interested in seeing recipes just like these...ones that were created by Group Recipes members!
  • lovebreezy 11 years ago said:
    Yes, there are so many posted recipes that have never been made by anyone. So it's nice to see Original Recipes that you know at least one person (the creator/submitter) has made and thought it good enough to post.
  • lilliancooks 11 years ago said:
    Thank you so much Lovebreezy!

    Its so nice to see that so many members are remembering to post their creations here!

    WOW! 605 recipes!!!
  • sparow64 11 years ago said:
    Hopin' to bring it up for new members to see again!

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