My Idea Of "Comfort" Food

  • chihuahua 12 years ago
    This is a wonderful idea Chacha. I will especially be interested in learning how to make a variety of soups and stews from scratch. I don't have much experience in that field, but am willing and eager to try. Soups and stews are heavenly and feel so good in the stomach! My husband loves them too. I just read in USA Today food prices are going to rise even higher and be worse next year. Eggs will be 14% higher! Fruits and vegetables will see an 8% increase! Everything is already so expensive. So back to your idea...soups and stews make great and econimic meals. I'll be checking in again and see if I have anything to contribute.

  • debwin 12 years ago said:
    I agree with you chihuahua, food is getting more exspensive all the time. I have been in Australia almost 4 years now...i used to think food was quite cheap here but not any more, our grocery bills have doubled. Living on 1 income with 2 kids doesn't leave much money for groceries so I have to get creative with my meals. I believe the cheaper cuts of meat are more flavorful than the more expensive cuts anyway...and you can have so much more fun experimenting with ingredients making a flavorful stew than just throwing a steak on the BBQ.
  • chacha 12 years ago said:
    I agree with both of you ;)
    I find that homemade soups and stews are the way to go when it comes to flavor and counting pennies. I absolutely love homemade soups and stews and I think of them as comfort foods as well. I hope everyone here enjoys this little group and I also hope that we will discover and enjoy new and different ideas. I sure did when I saw Chichi's Avocado soup and believe me, I can't wait to try it.
    Thanks so much for your comments.
    ChaCha ;)
  • pleclare 12 years ago said:
  • chihuahua 12 years ago said:
    Debwin, you are so right about the need to be creative with food to stretch things out. Also, about cheaper cuts of meat seeming to have more flavor. I have forced myself to "step down" a notch or two and give them a try. I am hardly ever disappointed. (I never did like the taste of fillet mignon any ways!) I think in a way going back to "basics" or the way previous generations used to cook when there wasn't the luxury of grab and buy might be a good thing. Sure makes you appreciate a nice steaming bowl of home made soup and stew I tell you. For once I don't have the apprehension of facing a cold winter now that I have gained some cooking knowledge from this wonderful site. I will be better prepared this year.

    Thanks everyone!

  • shakeyslady7 12 years ago said:
    I am so glad I am always wanting to try new soups and stews. With fall right around the corner this will be the perfect group to join so I can stay warm. I love trying new soups and stews and can not wait to add my own soon.
  • laadeedaa 12 years ago said:
    This group is a great idea! I love soups and stews and any time of year is a good time for my family and I. We like them hot or cold, creamy like chowders or full of veggies and broth - it just doesn't matter to me because that's how much we enjoy them. Thanks for starting up this group.

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