Hi Y'all!

  • paulat210 14 years ago
    I've been living in the Deep South in LA (Lower Alabama) for thirty-three years. Born and raised a Michigan Yankee, my cooking and eating has definitely made a U-turn. Example: Once my basic cornbread recipe was called "Johnnycake". It was sweet. Now I make buttermilk cornbread in an iron skillet. I went from oatmeal to cheese grits. Do you know what I'm talking about? I'm hoping this group will share recipes and cooking styles that would be considered typical Southern cuisine. We could also share tips on Southern travel and restaurants. Would you join me?
  • helewes 14 years ago said:
    I\'m from Kentucky ( Western ) I\'ve been living in NJ. for 26 years. Most my favorite recipes come from my Southern Born & Raised Grandmother. I\'m trying to put together a cookbook of her recipes and her 8 sister\'s. It\'s been interesting. Bye Y\'all ;>)
  • dugger 14 years ago said:
    This is the plural of y'all... LOL. Helewes moved out, I did too but came back home. So I am now a border state southern Florida Ohio foodie. Like Helewes I am putting together a cookbook of old family and friends recipes. I'll be back and fill this group up with the warm and cuddly foods.
  • dariana 14 years ago said:
    Well I was born in W. Palm Beach, FL, grew up there, Greece, and Spain, lol. Now living in IL where my husband is from and hating it, lol.

    Love the group, look forward to knowing everyone better.
  • jillscott 13 years ago said:
    Hey Ya'll
    I am living in Rhode Island and hating it, born and raised in the Oklahoma Panhandle. The beef and produce are awful here, I can't even get okra here. I think that is the main staple in Oklahoma, LOL. I am always looking for great recipes. I love cooking, but very discouraged when I go shopping at the grocery stores anymore. Needing some great recipes from home.

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