Scrambled eggs

  • pointsevenout 13 years ago
    Fluffy and light are the goals, so don't stir the eggs too much. The key to large, fluffy curds is to allow the eggs to set in the pan for about 30 seconds. Don't touch them. Then, with a rubber spatula, gently pull the eggs away from the pan, creating an almost folded effect. Remove the eggs from the heat before they look completely done because they will continue to cook. Use a nonstick skillet and a medium-low heat.
  • joyinabasket 13 years ago said:
    Yum! I agree! Don't fuss over them too much and definitely do not stir them into the ground!~I also add a couple of tablespoons of cold WATER in the eggs, not milk, for the fluffiest eggs.
  • browneyegirl 6 years ago said:
    I remember years ago when Chris & I lived at this trailer park in SAint Joseph, Mo and I had my son spent the night with us.When I got up to make breakfast that I rembered my son telling me that he did like milk.I did a little trick that my son didn't realize.I added milk to the eggs as I scrambles the eggs.My son at the time was like around 6 or 7 yrs old.I was suprised.My son ate most of the scrambled eggs.Knowing that my son didn't like dairy procuts.Now my son is 20.Soon he'll be 21 in May.

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