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  • adivagurl 11 years ago
    Hi! I write both a comfort food and baking column on I would like to have a section dedicated to Healthy Vegan and Vegetarian recipes. If any of you have "made over" any of your fav comfort food or baking recipes to make them vegan or vegetarian, I would love to highlight them in my column, giving credit to you by naming the recipe after you; such as Suzie's Vegan Apple Pie! I would also love original photos of the recipe and will put the name of the person who took the photo along with it. You will have a "brag" piece to send to all your friends and family, showing that you are in the online newspaper!

    I also have a new group here called Comfort Food Made Healthy and hope you all join and help me learn about being a vegan.

    Please read my profile and get to know me and comment to tell me all about you. I have felt like I've lived in a "tunnel" for the last few years, because of grief and tragedy. Through Examiner and hopefully helping people learn to cook healthier, I will learn to live again, breathe again.

    I'm on Facebook as Linda Brewer Nashville Comfort Food Examiner. Myspace as Comfortfoodnashville and Twitter as comfortfoodnash. But I have readers from as far as Italy and Romania. Please get in touch...I need friends!
  • blondeberry 10 years ago said:

    follow my new food blog

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