Trying to lose weight

  • nemo 14 years ago
    Hi there everybody!
    I'm not on weight watchers, but would like to keep up with your recipes since I'm trying to lose weight and start eating lighter (yet still yummy) meals and would like any inspiration i can get. :) Thanks!
  • michellem 14 years ago said:
    Hey Nemo....Good Luck on your eating lighter! I am happy I found this group. With all the high calorie desserts..... I can't seem to get away from, Im happy to find a group with better for you dishes!!
  • tannzzi 14 years ago said:
    Spring has Sprung, and so has my waistline & Hips LOL!!!! Diet Time, but trying to make my own diet instead of spending all the money on South Beach, Atkins, etc.....
    I figure if we just eat Natural Foods, Limit Salt, Sugar, Fats, & have fruits and vegetables for snacks, that has to make a HUGE difference! Occasionally I will get a Subway Low Calorie Sub with Oil and Vinager instead of Mayo, & Hold the Pickles to cut the sodium content & this really does stop my cravings for the other Fast Foods that are Very Bad for us. Any advice you have recipes etc are Greatly Appreciated!!
    Sincerely; Marlene
  • joyinabasket 14 years ago said:
    Hey Marlene and all, Spring has sprung and I am not going to go into another year carrying my "wide load!" I did just join weight watchers, but I love your mentality of limiting salts, sugar, fats, etc. WW is great in that way, too. I try to kill all white flour, white sugar, processed foods and bad oils. Also, like you, I cut mayo totally out of the picture...besides , I love mustard! There seems to be some really good recipes that are healthy and satisfying! I love chopping up assorted veggies and toss with a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil, salt and pepper and stuff in a flax whole wheat pita(I get em at Wal Mart)...soooo good!! Best of luck!! You'll do well! ~Maggie

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