Funny story

  • valinkenmore 13 years ago
    When I was 10 years old my Mom died. My Dad and I lived together with my older sister. My older sister did not cook - period! She was 16 and too many other things occupied her brain! Anyway, when I was 12 my father's birthday came and I
    knew he didn't like cake and I had been watching him cook for a few years so figured I could master his favorite - lemon meringue pie. Now mind you - this would have been 1962 - I went to the store and bought Jello Lemon pie filling and a box mix for pie dough. I made the most beautiful pie, honestly for 12 years old you wouldn't belive how pretty it was. I beat the eggs for the meringue and piled them on the filling and baked it until it was golden brown.
    When Dad came home, he was so surprised and pleased, he almost cried........ then we cut it to eat - Oh, I forgot to tell you - I forgot to bake the pie crust!
    Anyway, he just laughed and told me where I had gone wrong - I was about in tears and then we scraped off the filling and meringue and at it!
    The lemon meringue pie I'll never forget! Bless you Dad, I think of you everytime I make one!
  • sparow64 13 years ago said:
    What a great story Val! Thanks for sharing.
  • justjakesmom 13 years ago said:
    I love that! Great memory Val.
  • wynnebaer 13 years ago said:
    Lovely memory.
  • snowcat17 13 years ago said:
    A 'sweet' memory! Thanks for sharing:) I think I'll have some pie too:) Good Story...

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