WANTED: new twist on pumpkin pie

  • shoebearsmom 16 years ago
    I'm looking for a new/creative twist on pumpkin pie. Or maybe just a new pumpkin recipe. I've been thinking about making some sort of pumpkin ice cream cake/pie, but not sure where to start. Any creative pumpkin dessert ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • organicmama 16 years ago said:
    I have a different pumpkin pie recipe, mainly it is just a change in spices so it is much more mild than traditional, if you are interested, let me know and I will give it to you.
  • putercop 16 years ago said:
    Living in the heart of the Hudson Valley and the worlds biggest pumpkin patch (they're everywhere and taking over!), you get sort of a hankering for something different. I have recipes for pumpkin cake, pie, ice cream, fudge, flan, pumpkin pasta sauce, cheesecake, sugar free pumpkin pie, mini pumpkin spice cakes, swirl cake, pumpkin flan with chile spiced brittle, scones. Whew, just let me know and I'll send you the entire list. Let me know if you want it in MS Word or Wordpad.

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