Welcome to Appetizers and Dips

  • lor 16 years ago
    I hope there are oodles of recipes to be added to this group. I love appetizers and dips when company comes.
  • peetabear 16 years ago said:
    What a great idea.. I always put out appetizers and dips when people are here.. I get tired of serving the same old things all the time..
  • jaie 16 years ago said:
    My recipe arsenal is HUGE with appetizers and dips. Now I'll just have to go back and group them here. Awesome though...worth the effort.
  • pink 16 years ago said:
    This sounds great!
  • johnald 15 years ago said:
    I just found this group - a lot of good recipes.
  • peetabear 15 years ago said:
    welcome to the group... this is one of my favorites... love finger foods

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