Hey Everyone

  • peepers 11 years ago
    I know what you mean about life being hectic. We never managed a family night either and it's really a great idea.
  • trigger 11 years ago said:
    Great idea we all could use a family night to gather around the table without the pressure of the holidays.
  • johnald 11 years ago said:
    We always had trouble having a regular meal together - too many things going on like kids' sports, church activities, working late, etc. We just made some new friends who have taco night every Sunday with their kids, and the kids help prepare everything. I wish I'd met them sooner so I could learn how to do that while our kids were home.

    Growing up, we had homemade pizza every Friday night, then watch whatever was on TV on Friday nights. That was back when homemade pizza came out of a chef-boy-r-dee box, and TV only had 3 channels, but it was family night and we liked it.

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