July 2006 Angelfood list

  • notyourmomma 15 years ago
    Anyone have any ideas on what they would do with these food stuffs to create a different dish? Especially looking at five lbs. of breaded chicken chunks.....ideas welcome!

    40 oz. Marie Callender's Family Crock Pot Dinner
    1.5 boneless pork filet
    5 lb. of breaded chicken chunks
    1.5 lb. meaty beef ribs
    28 ounce meatloaf and gravy
    1 lb. of beef fajitas
    1 lb. of fully cooked meatballs
    1 lb. of all meat hot dogs
    1 lb. broccoli
    1 lb. of peas and carrots
    28 oz. of pasta sauce
    1 lb. of pasta
    32 oz. shelf stable milk
    32 oz. of Hawaiian Punch
    12 ct. corn tortillas
    7 oz. of blueberry muffin mix
    1 dozen eggs
    1 dessert item

    Fresh fruit and veggie box for an extra $16.00
    6 ears of corn
    2 lb. of carrots
    2 lb. of yellow onions
    1 cello wrapped lettuce
    1 pineapple
    1 lb. strawberries
    1 seedless watermelon
    6 russet potatoes

    What a great help in this budget crunch!
  • knoxcop 15 years ago said:
    Well, the blueberry muffins and eggs would of course go for breakfast. The shelved milk might be used in recipes like custard pie, puddings, etc. The pork meat I'd crock pot and put into roasted pork enchiladas with the tortillas. The hot dogs would go into beenie weenies with some Bush's canned beans.

    I really like the angel food, but I wish they'd leave off the processed things like chicken chunks, hot dogs, etc. I'm slightly allergic to preservatives, so I have to watch that stuff.

    Fruit salad with the fruits!
  • linebb956 15 years ago said:
    I don't think they offer the veggies in this area.. have to check on that. I agree with the processed ... Dave is borderline diabetic.. so I try to stay away from that...
  • linebb956 15 years ago said:
    Yep they do.. just started. All I know is that with Dave being laid up.. this is a blessing to us!
  • notyourmomma 15 years ago said:
    I agree on the processed foods, it isn't the healthiest. I'm thinking I"ll double up on the veggies and just make the processed foods the smallest part of the meals. I'm going to the local farmer's market on Saturdays instead of the grocery store. And we are going to check out the Bakery outlet for Fred's bread addiction. That man can eat half a loaf a day if allowed.

    The kid would eat chicken nuggets with honey mustard every day for a month if allowed. She skates and exercises a lot but it is going to catch up to her one day. She watched Buff Brides or Fitness Bride Boot Camp, some such nonsense and it scared her to see what her eating habits would do to her figure in 5 years. LOL, honey, child, just look at your momma to see what a poor diet will do.

    --kn0x-- thanks for the hints, I'll be Iron Chefing that box of food for sure.
  • plot_thickens 15 years ago said:
    1.5 boneless pork filet: render the fat out of some bacon strips. Chunk up the filet into 2-inch long pieces and wrap the bacon around them, securing with two toothpicks. Brown one side, then the other, then all around the bacon to crisp it. Drain the pan and add a little flour to make a roux, deglaze with chicken broth to make a sauce. Serve.

    1.5 lb. meaty beef ribs: braise with onions and garlic for an hour. add carrots and potatoes and cook for another :30 - 1 hr until done. Serve this one-pot meal.

    12 ct. corn tortillas: sliced ham and cheese make breakfast quesadillas, good for at the jobsite.

    1 lb. broccoli: clean and steam, then sautee onions and garlic and deglaze with chicken broth and steaming water. Add broccoli and any cheese and a little milk and cream. Blend for cream of broccoli soup.

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