can't see my comments

  • PongoUSA 5 years ago

    what do I have to do to see my comments I put in here. When I write and send them, I see them. When I leave the page and come back, my comments have vanished. Am I missing something ? Confused.
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Hi, are you talking about the comment you made to whoever left you a comment on your page? If so, you will see it for a bit after you posted it..the comment you made to the other person will be on their doesn't stay on your page..hope this helps..let us know!
  • lovebreezy 5 years ago said:
    That is one of the things that still drives me crazy about GR. Many times I get an answer and don't remember what it is about and have to go back to their page and hunt it down.

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