IMI review string finder procedure

  • pointsevenout 4 years ago
    The IMI group has 337 pages of strings and growing. In order to find a long lost string that one knows is here but unwilling to click through all 337 pages to find it, here is a procedure that could help.

    From your home page unsubscribe to all the contributors to the IMI group except for the one that started the string you are looking for. Then under the discussions tab of the IMI group click on "from people you follow".

    That will bring up the strings started by that contributor. Resubscription to the unsubscribed people is necessary to get you back to where you were before the search.

    It's a little lengthly but works well.

    Not all contributors to the IMI group need be eliminated, just the major contributors which will whittle down the pages of strings immensely.

    I posted this in the IMI group and thought to post it here as well.
  • pointsevenout 2 years ago said:
  • frankieanne 2 years ago said:
    Thank you for the tip, sir.
  • NPMarie 2 years ago said:
    Great! Thanks PSO:)

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