Buttery Farm Biscuits

  • pointsevenout 6 years ago
    Recipe by Craftyazgirl: Buttery Farm Biscuits/saved
    A good standard biscuit recipe that you don't have to use a biscuit cutter.
    My biscuits came out in no way looking like the recipe picture. I'm thinking the recipe picture is borrowed from a yeasted biscuit recipe. It's too uniformly flat and brown on top.
    Nothing special about this recipe that makes them more buttery than the next biscuit recipe.
    Added 5 more minutes to get a light golden brown.
  • frankieanne 6 years ago said:
    Hey, pso, can you add a link here? :)
  • pointsevenout 6 years ago said:
    Oopsie!.........There you go.

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